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EFT Reference Material

Setting up electronic payments through your bank is easy. Most banks already initiate EFT transactions every day, and many offer the ability to upload or enter your employee information into preexisting applications to create the EFT file.


STEP 1: Contact your Financial Institution's EFT department to verify that they can initiate your    ACH credit.
STEP 2: Gather key employee information (name and case number)

STEP 3: Perform Case Reconciliation with the State Disbursement Unit.  You will need to create an excel spreadsheet containing the employee information you gathered in step two for all employees that have child support garnished from their wages.  You will then email this spreadsheet to flsdu.eftinfo@acs-inc.com

STEP 4: Complete and return the Employer Registration Form.

STEP 5: Determine method for creating the ACH file, and which NACHA record format (CCD+ or CTX) will be used. CCD+ or CTX  formats include the necessary addenda record, and are the only accepted file formats.  ACH file could be created using your existing payroll software, an aftermarket file creator, or your bank may have an ACH application available.

STEP 6: Test the transmission with the State Disbursement Unit.  This is accomplished by emailing us a copy of the file you created in step five to flsdu.eftinfo@acs-inc.com 

STEP 7: Process live transactions

The following are provided as reference material for EFT setup:

For a Copy of the Official NACHA Reference Guide, please send your request to flsdu.eftinfo@acs-inc.com 

CCD+ file layout guide

            Description of the correct file layout for CCD+ formatting

State Child Support Contacts

            Listing of all State SDU contacts, nationally. 

Case Reconciliation Information

            Before you can begin submitting payments, case reconciliation must be done by our EFT Specialists.
            Find out more by visiting the Case Reconciliation page.

NACHA website

            Tons of valuable reference materials from the official Electronic Payments Association.




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